Eat Primal

Humans have been using fat as their primary fuel source throughout human evolution. A high carbohydrate, high insulin producing diet inhibits fat metabolism or the burning of fat, making you stuck in a cycle of dependence on carbohydrates for sustained energy. This promotes body fat storage and a fight or flight response in the body.

The Live Primal approach to eating is to focuses on plants and animals- meats, eggs, fish and fowl, a high amount of vegetables and a moderate of fruits, seeds and nuts.

21 days is all they say it takes to break a habit.  This 21 day transition period will help you to change your standard high carb diet into a primal fat burning machine. Low carb, high fat. It will focus on a few simple changes including the consumption of healthy fats, a reduction in sugar intake, and eliminating the highly questionable, oxidative and pro-inflammatory combination of grains and polyunsaturated vegetable oils.

As a certified Primal Health Coach, I aim to educate, motivate and guide my clients toward making lifestyle and behaviour choices that support optimal wellbeing and gene expression.

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