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Eat Primal

Humans have been using fat as their primary fuel source throughout human evolution. A high carbohydrate, high insulin producing diet inhibits fat metabolism or the burning of fat, making you stuck in a cycle of dependence on carbohydrates for sustained energy. This promotes body fat storage and a fight or flight response in the body.

Move Primal

Move Primal is the foundation philosophy of Live Primal. Moving more often is the key to better overall health. Taking opportunities to walk, run, ride or engaging in play help enhance our enjoyment of fitness and has huge improvements for both physical and mental health. Balancing periods of prolonged inactivity (sitting at a desk) with movement breaks has profound effects of health and wellbeing.

Train Primal

Live Primal fitness mimics the physical activity of our ancestors with a combination of functional full-body strength training efforts (either with bodyweight exercises or gym equipment) and regular bouts of all-out sprints. At its core are three basic laws: move frequently at a slow pace, lift heavy objects regularly, and perform occasional all-out sprint workouts.

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