Move. Eat. Train. Live Primal

Live Primal embraces a holistic mind-body approach to diet, health, nutrition and fitness based around ancestral/ primal/paleo principles.

We provide our clients with set of simple instructions to live, play, train and move primally, like our ancestors, in a modern context.

Going primal is about making things easier; by simplifying your eating, exercise, and lifestyle to reflect more natural patterns. It’s about finding the time and space to actually have fun and enjoy life. Sleep, getting out in the sunshine, playing, and challenging your brain, along with diet and exercise, helped our hunter gather ancestors evolve into a healthy, vibrant human being. Our primal genes want to be a reconnected to the natural world from which we evolved.

We’ve created an artificial world of lights, computers, phones, emails and updates that rule our days and overstimulate our nights, overriding the powerful circadian rhythm that governs sleep, hunger, wakefulness, and the hormones that support health and wellbeing. Most of us suffer from information overload and our addiction to speed undermines relationships, fulfilment and health. It is essential that we reconnect with our hunter-gatherer ancestors and get back to nature, restore the social interactions that are critical to our human identity and optimal evolution.

By navigating the website you will be able to see how to EAT PRIMAL, MOVE PRIMAL, TRAIN PRIMAL and LIVE THE PRIMAL LIFE.

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Keto Coaching

Primal Coach Chris has just completed his course on mastering the Ketogenic Diet. He is now coaching clients on how to be Keto…

All the details can be found here

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